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Highlands Buzz 1.12.18

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GEARS Golf Club and Body Tracking System

Category: Golf Resort

While I will likely never play on the PGA Tour, as a competitive-minded individual, I am always looking for ways to improve my game. Watching golfers on the tour has provided lots to think about for self-instruction. But having the opportunity to try out the latest analysis system on the market was a chance that I could not pass up. So I headed over to The Ross Pro Shop fitting center and took some swings with Mike Fay, Director of Player Performance at the BOYNE Golf Academy.

As a former collegiate alpine ski racer, and a former elite youth alpine ski racing coach, I am no stranger to athletic analysis and training techniques. GEARS Golf club and body tracking system is THE cutting edge of athletic motion analysis and instruction. Slip into a long-sleeve jacket, put on a Velcro belt, knee wraps, foot wraps, and a hat, and apply 20 sensors to various points on our body. Select the club you are working on and apply six more sensors, with three going on the shaft, and three more on the club head.

Tee up the ball, line up for your swing, and hit the ball into the net. Then watch your avatar show off every minute detail about your swing through all phases of the process. Not only was I able to see my body position while lining up to the ball on-screen, but I could also see the avatars of much more talented players right next to mine during the same phase of the swing. On top of club and body tracking and comparison, GEARS is also capable of projecting the flight path and distance of the ball for each swing. Now I was starting to see the possibilities of this program to be endless.

After one swing, Mike quickly pointed out that my backswing was traveling way too far limiting my control over the way the clubface came back to the ball. Five swings later, my avatar was showing off much better data as a result of a smaller backswing. Old habits are tough to change, and consistency has always been a struggle for me on the golf course. But after seeing and feeling the difference necessary for better control of my shots, I knew the best way to engrain this tactic was through repetition. Going straight from my session to the driving range allowed me to lock in the feeling of an appropriate backswing as the ball was consistently flying far and true! I can't wait to get back out on the course and put this new confidence to some good use!

Not only can GEARS Golf help you to fine-tune the nuances limiting or hindering your game, it can also help you find the set of clubs that work best for your swing. The next time that I am going to get a fresh set of clubs, I will absolutely schedule a session of club-fitting to aid in the challenging decision making process. Testing out nearly all of the clubs and shafts that Boyne Country Sports has to offer in a controlled environment with quantifiable data! Invest in your next set of clubs having confidence that you are purchasing the best equipment for your game.

Customize your golf instruction today and check out the BOYNE Golf Academy, home of the first GEARS Golf club and body tracking system in the Midwest! Then enjoy putting your new skills to use on any of our incredible courses.

Happy golfing, readers!  

Until Next Time,  

Andy Smith

Marketing Assistant

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