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Highlands Buzz 1.12.18

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Surf the Course!

Category: Resort Video

Influencers in the professional world of golf have been trying to find ways to speed up the game and attract a younger golfer for years. Different inventions and advancements have made the game slightly more user-friendly, but Professional Surfer, Laird Hamilton has just co-introduced a new way to get around the course for your round. As a self-proclaimed extreme athlete, I had to see how 'surfing' and 'golf' could possibly be used in the same sentence.

If you haven't heard about the Golfboard just yet, step ahead of the curve and check out this video. The Golfboard is about to revolutionize the way people play the game of golf. Getting around the course has never been so much fun! Then again the ball did seem to go everywhere I wanted it to while playing on the board, and that is generally when golfers have the most fun. Toward the end of our round, I realized the ball was flying so well for me because I was focusing solely on my own strokes. In a sport where everyone is looking for an advantage, why not try the Golfboard?

In addition to the increased level of enjoyment and focus while making my way through the course, I couldn't help but notice how much more quickly we were playing through each of the holes. Rather than sharing a cart and driving to each of our shots, riding the Golfboard allowed each player to go directly to his own ball and take his shot. Another significant advantage in terms of quickness of the Golfboard over the traditional cart as we learned upon leaving the Ross Golf Center, was that we were able to go where the carts weren't allowed. So where a cart would have to be parked about 100 feet from a green to preserve the surface, the board could get right up next to the green! (Golfboards are still not allowed on the greens though.)

I had two initial concerns with the Golfboard which were both addressed rather quickly:

Will it tip over if I make a sharp turn? No, the Golfboard is actually very stable. I'm not saying that it is impossible, but it should not happen under normal use.

Where could I put my water/coffee/beverage? The Golfboard has a cupholder! This also helped me realize just how many pockets the common golf bag has. There is plenty of storage space!

Has the Golfboard caught your attention? Hurry into the Ross Golf Center (or give them a call 231.526.3028) and schedule a round on The Donald Ross Memorial or The Moor to try one for yourself; the Golfboards are available until September 15!

Until next time!

Andy Smith

Marketing Assistant

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