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Whether you're looking for a spacious family townhouse, a slopeside hotel room, or the cozy comfort of an Alpine Village fireplace, you'll feel right at home from the moment you arrive. 

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Fall Fun at Hops 'n Highlands Microbrew Festival

Hops 'n Highlands Microbrew Festival brings fall fun!
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Saturday, October 1

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R 61°/51° H 65°/51° H 68°/54°

Equipment Rental & Tuning

Trying a snowsport for the first time or is what you own from decades past? The right skis and boots or snowboard undoubtedly make the experience easier and more enjoyable for all ability levels. Toddler to adult, the rental shop team can get you properly equipped to make the most of your time on the snow.

State-of-the-Art-Rental Shops

The ski and snowboard systems in BOYNE's rental shops are designed for quick set-up. With BOYNE's state-of-the art electronic on-site registration, renting equipment is more convenient than ever before.

Boyne Highlands Rental:  231.526.3157

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday - Tuesday: 8am - 5pm
  • Wednesday - Saturday: 8am - 9:30pm (open 5-9:30pm when night skiing is available)

Snowboard Rental

At Boyne Highlands, we rent the latest Burton snowboard equipment. Burton boots are extremely comfortable, the bindings are easy to use, and our fleet of Burton LTR (Learn To Ride) snowboards reduce unexpected hang-ups and make riding easier than ever. Our staff will assist you with proper sizing of the boots and snowboard as well as adjusting the bindings for stance.

Ski Rental

Boyne Highlands exclusively offer HEAD BYS skis and boots for adults. The boots are designed with comfort in mind, while the Alpine skis are slightly wider for better stability and their "shaped" design makes turning a breeze. We also offer a full range of junior equipment, and our team is trained to ensure the ideal fit for young skiers.  Cross-country skis and snowshoes are also available for rent in the Cross Country Center.

Helmet Rental

Helmet usage is encouraged but not required at Boyne Highlands, and helmet rentals are available on a first come, first served basis at a cost of $12 for the first day and $6 for each additional day.

Plan ahead with Express Rental

Want to reduce your waiting time for rental equipement? Setup an "Express Rental" reservation by calling 231.526.3157 or stop by one of the Boyne Country Sports locations in Bloomfield Hills, Novi, or Traverse City. You'll be geared up and on the slopes in no time. Please register at least 48 hours in advance of arrival.

Adult Rental Rates (13 and older)

Adult Alpine Ski
4 Hour Flex/Night1 DayAdditional Days
Skis/Boots/Poles (w/ helmet) $29 ($34) $43 ($53) $34 ($39)
Skis/Boots (w/ helmet) $26 ($31) $36 ($46) $29 ($34)
Skis/Poles (w/ helmet) $24 ($29) $32 ($42) $26 ($29)
Boots/Poles (w/ helmet) $18 ($24) $24 ($34) $18 ($23)
Skis Only (w/ helmet) $22 ($27) $29 ($39) $22 ($27)
Boots Only (w/ helmet) $16 ($21) $21 ($31) $16 ($21)
Poles Only (w/ helmet) $6 ($11) $8 ($18) $5 ($10)
Helmet Only NA $12 $6

Adult Snowboard
 4 Hour Flex/Night1 DayAdditional Days
Board/Boots (w/ helmet) $29 ($34) $43 ($53) $34 ($39)
Board Only (w/ helmet) $26 ($31) $33 ($43) $29 ($34)
Boots Only (w/ helmet) $19 ($24) $25 ($35) $26 ($30)

Child Rental Rates (12 and under)

Child Alpine Ski
 4 Hour Flex/Night1 DayAdditional Days
Skis/Boots/Poles (w/ helmet) $21 ($25) $28 ($37) $21 ($25)
Skis/Boots (w/ helmet) $19 ($23) $26 ($35) $19 ($23)
Skis/Poles (w/ helmet) NA NA NA
Boots/Poles (w/ helmet) NA NA NA
Skis Only (w/ helmet) $15 ($20) $20 ($30) $15 ($19)
Boots Only (w/ helmet) $12 ($17) $17 ($27) $12 ($16)
Poles Only (w/ helmet) $6 ($11) $8 ($19) $5 ($9)

Child Snowboard
 4 Hour Flex/Night1 DayAdditional Days
Board/Boots (w/ helmet) $26 ($35) $31 ($43) $28 ($32)
Board Only (w/ helmet) $23 ($28) $26 ($36) $21 ($25)
Boots Only (w/ helmet) $16 ($29) $19 ($29) $16 ($20)


Equipment Tuning

Even the best ski or board base won't last forever.  Ice and rocks take their toll on your skis, reducing their capacity to turn and glide - and making extra work for you. Professional tuning with WINTERSTEIGER technology gets your skis and board back in shape.

During tuneups, we'll also check your boot and binding system with a computerized calibration machine to measure the recommended release values and ensure your safety. 

Boyne Country Sports

Montana HTT Technology has long been reserved for ski and snowboard manufacturers and World Cup racers. Now, you can get the pro treatment at the Novi branch of Boyne Country Sports, where they'll bring your skis or snowboard back to factory specifications. Your complete Montana HTT tune employs state-of-the-art robotics to enhance your time on the slopes: 

  •     Fill Gouges on Ski & Snowboard Bases
  •     Precision Stone Grind Bases
  •     Precision Bevel and Sharpen Metal edges
  •     Polish and Deburr metal edges
  •     Wax and Polish Bases
  •     Well Tuned equipment is the key to performance and fun!

About High Tech Tuning

(HTT) is the latest development from Montana of Switzerland, the world's leader in ski and snowboard tuning equipment. HTT incorporates precision performance robotics to mend gouges on the base, stone grind and texture the base, bevel and polish the bottom of the edge, bevel and polish the side edge and wax and polish the entire base.

As the preferred system for the leading ski and snowboard manufacturers, there are many advantages to this new system. Precision Robotics allow technicians to recreate the same results every time resulting in a more predictable and consistent ride that any snowsports enthusiast will enjoy.

The Answer for Snowboards and Shaped Skis

Another Key feature of HTT is that it was designed with the needs of snowboards and shaped skis. These curvy cousins of the traditional alpine ski are much more sensitive to edge beveling. Boyne Country Sports HTT system can automatically graduate edge angles all the way to the tip and tail resulting in a ride that is incredibly easy to turn, while still giving tenacious grip on hard snow and ice.

Bring your snowboard or skis into any Boyne Country Sports location for the genuine Montana High Tech Tune or go directly to the Novi, Michigan location and check out the equipment for yourself.

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