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It's Golfing Time!

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Frequent Massage Plans

The benefits of healing the body through touch are traditional to nearly every culture.  Massage provides specific physiological and psychological benefits ranging from treating chronic pain from past injury to alleviating tension from a busy lifestyle. We believe regular, therapeutic massage should be affordable and accessible and we are eager to assist anyone interested in making a commitment to better health and well-being.  Enjoy the convenience of receiving your Treatment Plan massage at The Spa at Boyne Highlands, The Spa at The Inn at Bay Harbor and Solace Spa at Boyne Mountain. Treatment Plan options offer a savings of up to 50% on regular treatment rates.

Step 1: Select a Treatment Plan that best fits your budget and lifestyle.  (4x, 8x, or 12x / year)

Step 2: Reserve your Plan and schedule appointments whenever convenient for you as part of your commitment to great health and well-being.

25 minutes $52 each $40 each $35 each
50 minutes $85 each $68 each $59 each
80 minutes $112 each $90 each $75 each

Deep Tissue available for extra ($10 / 25 min, $15 / 50 min, $20 / 80 min).  A 15% spa gratuity and 5% service fee will be added to all services.  Treatment Plan services must be scheduled Sunday through Thursday.  Plan services are not available on Fridays and Saturdays or during select holiday and blackout periods.  Not valid with any additional promotions or discounts.

Pre-Tax Benefits

Treatment Plans can be purchased without using pre-tax dollars, however, you may want to read below to see if you would qualify for additional benefits.  In addition to the per treatment savings with a Plan, you may qualify to claim the Plan's cost as a flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA), or medical savings account (MSA) expense.  Our Treatment Plans are designed to qualify for use of pre-tax dollars by those recommended to receive therapeutic massage.  Service charges and gratuity not included.

Here's How

Based on the federal tax code, a qualified expense has to be primarily for the prevention or alleviation of a physical or mental defect or illness.  (Massage for the purpose of stress relief and/or general health is not eligible).

A)  Eligible persons must have a prescription for the Treatment Plan to be considered a qualified medical expense.  Talk to your medical practitioner (any healthcare provider who can write a prescription).  The prescription makes it medically necessary and should be covered.  The prescription should contain three pieces of information:

  • term of treatment needed
  • recommended duration of each treatment
  • reason for prescribing the therapies

An example may look lie this:  Monthly 80 minute massage therapy to treat chronic pain in upper back.

B)  Schedule your appointment.  (You won't need to bring your prescription with you.)

C)  Arrive for scheduled appointment and be sure to keep your receipt.  Remember that even though an expense is approved, you could still get audited by the IRS, so keep your written prescription and your FSA/HSA/MSA debit or credit card statement.

Possible reasons for therapeutic massage prescription may include headaches, tension, jaw pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, hip pain, knee stiffness, neck or back pain, muscle spasm, leg or foot pain, forearm injury, hamstring sprain, etc.

Call us today to book your Therapeutic Massage Treatment Plan.

Health reimbursement plans and qualifying medical expenses vary.  Qualifying medical expenses for these accounts are defined by IRS codes and you are responsible for deciding whether the money you are spending from your account is for a "qualified medical expense."  You should familiarize yourself or seek advise from your account administrator about what constitutes "medical care" under IRS codes and to determine if treatments are allowed in your FSA/HSA/MSA plan.

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