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Introducing: Mountain People

Introducing: Mountain People

Introducing Mountain People: a series of stories from Boyne Mountain's slopes.
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Boyne Mountain History

How We Mark the Decades


"Anybody damn fool enough to want to build a ski hill, well... I'll give you the property." When Michigan's Senator Pearson made this deal with Boyne Resorts founder Everett Kircher, he was unaware of the tenacity of this transplanted Detroit Studebaker dealer. Starting with one run, a used single chairlift, and a warming hut, Kircher began a resort and leisure corporation that now spans the continent.

1947 Boyne Ski Lodge formed
1948 Boyne Ski Club opens - now called Boyne Mountain Resort
1949 Opening Ceremony of Boyne Ski Club - January 9


We liked Ike and we liked Boyne Mountain in ever increasing numbers. Among the skiing enthusiasts were then Congressman Gerald R. Ford and wife Betty. The 1950s also signaled the beginning of Everett Kircher's snowmaking innovations and Boyne Mountain's vaunted ski school under the direction of Othmar Schneider.

1950s Early snowmaking innovations begin
1959 Boynehof Lodge built at Boyne Mountain
1960s Duck Bill Snowmaker introduced

1970s and '80s

Disco came and went; Star Wars took us to 'a galaxy far, far away,' but at Boyne Mountain and new sister, Boyne Highlands, we were golfing. Northwest Michigan became America's summer golf capital thanks to Boyne Resorts' creation of world-class golf courses, nationally recognized golf schools, and high-profile tournament play.

1970s Patented Boyne Snowmaker (a.k.a. Highland Snow Gun) introduced
 Forward Snowguns on Towers introduced for coverage and oscillation
1970 Boyne Mountain's The Alpine golf course opens
1976 Boyne Mountain's Tennis Center opens
1980 Boyne Mountain's Cross Country Center opens
1985 Boyne Mountain's The Monument golf course opens


Suddenly, we were online. The Internet connected us and Y2K became an urban legend.   And, lift lines... they became a thing of the past with the introduction of America's first six-place chair.

1992 America's first high-speed six-person chairlift, the Mountain Express, opens
1994 Boyne Mountain's Mountain Club real estate development becomes available for sale
1995 Boyne Mountain's Disciples Ridge expansion opens with 12 additional runs, one chairlift


A new millennium! Boyne Mountain continues to grow with expansion of the Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa, and Michigan's largest indoor waterpark, Avalanche Bay.  Sixty years' young and still on the move.

2005 Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa and Avalanche Bay opens in May at Boyne Mountain


High-flying adventure and thrills aplenty with the introduction of ziplining and The Big Couloir. 

2010 Boyne Mountain launches Zipline Adventure Tours
2013 Michigan's first ProSlide SuperLOOPTM opens in Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark at Boyne Mountain

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