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Thursday, April 27

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Fall Brews and Lakeside Views

Category: Events Resort

Get a couple pairs of tickets for you and your favorite pair of friends because we are going to pair delicious fall foods from the Beach House Restaurant with all of your favorite fall brews from Short's Brewing Company this Friday, September 19 from 6 - 9pm. We sat down with Short's Beer Liberator, Rachel Payne, to learn more about the beer pairing at the Beach House Restaurant & Short's Beer Dinner.

First things first, Rachel, please tell us about your job with Short's Brewing Company.

RP: I am the Northern Michigan Beer Liberator. I have the pleasure of introducing and exploring the world of craft beer with many fine people. With education, we bring the world of craft beer to others in an approachable manner. "Beer liberation through industry innovation." - Joe Short

Q1: When planning a beer dinner, what comes first? The beer or the food?

RP: That can change from event to event. Sometimes the chef will come up with an outstanding menu and we get to pair on the flavors the chef showcases. Other times we will describe a beer flavor profile and have chef sample beers, they will then create a meal around what excites them about the beer.   

Q2: Who pairs each course with the beer?

RP: This can be a tag team effort between us at the brewery and the chef. Beer is so versatile and has so many ranges, it's exciting to see the array of pairings.   

Q3: The Beach House Restaurant  dinner is fall themed, what is your favorite fall brew from Short's and why?

RP: I have to go with our Autumn Ale on this one! It is an extra special bitter style with amazing earthy aromas and flavors. It captures the fall season in a bottle. Chef will be pairing this with grilled house-made sausage!  

Q4: A Short's Beer Liberator will be on-site for the dinner, that's you! What is your role at the dinner?

RP: I will be on site for the beer dinner. My role is to guide the group through each course, opening up palettes to a world of beer and food at the dinner table.   

Q5: There will be Goat Cheese Ice Cream served with Soft Parade for dessert, have you tried this before?!

RP: I have not had this before and am looking forward to it. Soft Parade has a dry finish that will surely cut through the delicious creamy goat cheese ice cream.   

Q6: We obviously thought the dessert pairing was pretty unique, what course are you most looking forward to?

RP: I am looking forward all the courses, but the Nicie Spicie paired with arugula salad really catches my eye. This is a complex beer, and will add a continuation of flavors to the dish. I love the use of Nicie in the vinaigrette, too!   

Q7: Is everyone served each course at the same time or does each table go at their own pace during the allotted time, 6 - 9pm?

RP: Typically, it is one course at the same time. I will present as the food and beer are being served, between each course.   

Q8: Is each course served with a full bottle of beer? Because....that would be a ton of beer!

RP: Three to six ounces of each beer is typically the amount that is poured. For a few beers, and a 5-course meal, it is well worth it!  

Q9: Why do people love attending Short's Beer Dinners?

RP: It can be a palate opening look into a culinary adventure. They may find a new beer style they like or learn about a unique dish. Beer and food are a celebration of the senses!  

Q10: What else can we look forward to from Short's this season?

RP: We are Michigan's only brewery that loves to push the boundaries of what beer is and can beer. We also do amazing true-to-style beers like our Autumn Ale and Noble Chaos this fall. Noble Chaos is an Oktoberfest-style beer that brings in the celebration of the seasons. 

Thank you so much for your time Rachel! We look forward to seeing you again this Friday at the Beach House Restaurant and Short's Beer Dinner. Cheers!

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