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Skitoberfest Recap

Skitoberfest Recap

If last weekend's pre-winter party was any indication of how this season will go, we're in for a good one.
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Tuesday, October 17

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A Season in Review...

When asked what I thought of this past season, the first thing that comes to my mouth is a smile. followed shortly thereafter by a reminiscent sigh before settling into the tale... it was amazing.

Many of my earliest memories come from family trips to Boyne Mountain, climbing into the back of the van packed with everything we could possibly need for a weekend of fun. Snoozing after devouring a bag of chicken nuggets and fries only to wake up again in the winter wonderland I had come to know as my home away from home.  After a weekend of fun on the slopes, we would all pile back into the van for the return trip home for a week of school- Often closely resembling 'The Outing' by Norman Rockwell.

20 years later, I now call Boyne City my home and am working as a member of the Marketing team here at Boyne Mountain Resort. My job consists of heading out on the hill each day among our patrons and sharing with them the joy of playing with gravity. Not only do I get to participate in the fun, but I also get the pleasure of capturing the passion of our resort on camera and sharing via social media.

While I was not here for our initial snowfall back in November, joining in December still offered a full sampling of a Northern Michigan winter. From brisk -15 degree days, to a balmy 70 degrees this past Sunday with a few powder days in the mix! Having dressed appropriately and hydrated properly, there was nothing I would have rather been doing than my job. Being passionate not only about skiing, but also about our Resort means that I have a personal connection to this location and its terrain. Sharing the "stoke" or excitement with others on the chairlift after a powder run or some turns on HERO snow fuels this passion and fills it with memories to last a lifetime.

While we cannot control the weather, the corduroy is in excellent hands.  Slope conditions throughout the year were superb as our grooming crews consistently dressed our slopes in the finest corduroy! HERO Snow is a term that would often come up when describing our surface, meaning that the snow was so confidence-inspiring, that the skier or snowboarder would feel like a hero by making effortless turns! And it coated our trails for much of the winter thanks to the artful mastery of our groomers.

In addition to the amazing snow conditions, our terrain park crew made sure that a wide variety of features would be available in our various parks. The N. McLouth terrain park was built on the face of the resort and featured two of the biggest and best-maintained jumps in the Lower Peninsula.  The Ramshead park in the back offered two smaller jumps and a large assortment of creatively laid out rails and boxes. In addition to our full-size features, we also had Fritz's park offering smaller terrain for beginners and intermediate riders. Don't forget about the Transfer Station park featuring natural log rides and other unique features, as well as the Chmilewski  skier/boarder cross run! Each day, the crew would head out and ensure that the features were all groomed to perfection for an excellent session!

I would like to thank everyone who came to Boyne Mountain Resort this past year! Whether you joined us for a session of night skiing, made a weekend excursion north, or got the most out of your season pass by coming as often as possible, your passion and commitment is valued and cherished here. We enjoy fostering the creation of new memories, and hope that you will join us again as we bask in the spring and summer months prior to dancing beneath the first snowfall of the 2015/16 season.  

Until next time,


Marketing Assistant/ Snow Reporter

BOYNE Enthusiast for 22 years

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