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Ready for Golf?

Category: Golf Resort

As the snow has been melting away, thoughts of golf have come flooding in! For those of you who only knew about our winter activities, check out some of our summer fun in addition to our amazing golf courses! Boyne Mountain is home to 36 incredible holes of golf and our first tee times of the season are set for this Friday! We gathered some information from Mark Skop, Superintendent of The Alpine, and Chris Burnett, Superintendent of The Monument to get the inside scoop on our premier courses.

What kinds of things go into the preparation of our courses here at Boyne Mountain?

CB: At this point in the year, our main focus is on cleaning up the course- picking up random debris and any sticks that may have fallen during the winter, and removing leaves that may have found their way back out onto our courses. We also put some time into cleaning and preparing the bunkers as the snow and moisture tends to pack down the sand.

MS: Pressurizing the irrigation system is a priority. Getting pressure into the system allows us to see if any repairs are necessary from winter damage. Once we have cleaned up and pressurized the irrigation system, then it becomes time to prepare the course for use. This step is the finishing touch before the course can be opened to the golfers. We place all of the tee markers, trash cans, ropes, and other essentials out on the course.

How did the courses fare coming out of this past winter?

CB: Both of our courses came out of this past winter in great condition. In years past, we have had to deal with snow mold, animal damage, and ice damage. This year we only had one small patch of ice damage out on the fairway of #18 on The Monument, and a few minor irrigation pipe repairs.

MS: Repairing the spot on #18 takes a technique we refer to as 'vertcutting' where we essentially make cuts in the upper layer of damaged area so that oxygen may get down into the root system fostering regrowth.

Are there any recent changes to the courses for this season?

MS: While it is not a new feature this season, the addition of the Wedge Range prior to last season has proven to be an excellent feature for warmup and practice. Everyone has a driving range, we took advantage of an underutilized space and added the wedge range for golfers to practice the ever-important short game.

CB: We are in the process of relocating the back 3 tees on #18 of The Monument. Our goal is to have them ready to go by the Tournament of Champions this summer.

Also, The Monument is back in rotation for the Tournament of Champions. 1st and 3rd rounds will be on The Alpine, and the 2nd round will be played on The Monument.  

When are the courses scheduled for aeration this year?

CB: We will be aerating The Monument greens September 15-17.

MS: Our aeration process will take place September 21-23 on The Alpine.

Okay so you manage some excellent courses. What is your favorite hole on your respective course?

MS: #6 on The Alpine is an excellent hole for a number of reasons, the layout, and the mature hardwood trees lining the side, combined with the challenging bunker placement on the left. This hole really challenges the golfers shot selection and ability.

CB: My favorite hole is #16 on The Monument because it looks so great from the tee box! Also, it is rumored that Everett Kirchers old car may actually be buried in the island in the middle of the fairway bunker! Take a look next time you are out there!

Thanks for all of the great information, guys! We can't wait to get out there and start playing! It is shaping up to be an excellent transition into the summer months, have you made your reservations yet?

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