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Skitoberfest Recap

Skitoberfest Recap

If last weekend's pre-winter party was any indication of how this season will go, we're in for a good one.
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Farm-To-Table Fridays

Farm-to-Table Fridays

Category: Dining Events Resort

Delicious food and craft beer? Yes. You have my attention. Knowing that it all came from Michigan? Even better! Throw in an awesome ambiance and the Farm to Table Fridays have just become my favorite meal out in Northern Michigan.

Never heard of Farm-to-Table? Working with Bluestem Farm as well as other organic farms in the area, this process involves going out and acquiring fresh produce and local meats/fish to create delicious meals! Our chefs have artfully crafted five incredible dining experiences, and there are only three left!

I generally steer clear from salads because there isn't enough meat or sugar involved, but after seeing this one, I knew it would be delicious! With fresh greens, roasted beets, goat cheese, and sage balsamic vinaigrette on top, I was a happy camper. The creators even paired the plate with Starcut Ciders Pulsar- a sweet and balanced adult cider that didn't over power the palate, allowing me to savor the flavor of the colorful vegetables. 

Up next came the main course, I thought it looked good as words on the menu, it looked even better on the plate in front of me! I even got to watch it all come together in Everetts Action Station! A pan seared pork chop coming from Coopersville, MI. The chop was served resting atop a bed of arugula, spinach, roasted squash, and dressed with a drizzle of pancetta vinaigrette- oh and how could I forget the Apple Relish... soon to replace the apple sauce that I generally serve with my pork chops. Without going too far into it, this dish was amazing; the pork melted in my mouth and could be cut easily with a butter knife. Everything else on the plate was deliciously filling and fitting with the chop. Pairing this dish with a dark red London style ale from Shorts brewery called The Magician proved to be a combination of magical proportions. No really, the beer seemed to prolong the enjoyable flavors of the main course after each bite by adding a twist of its own hop-inspired flare.

I have a powerful sweet tooth, and apples are my favorite fruit. With that information out there, one may think that I would be naturally biased towards the dessert crafted for this meal. And yes, I would generally have to agree. With that in mind, you must understand why I am still craving another portion of this awesome dessert. Imagine a cupcake-sized pie crust filled with caramelized apple slices, topped with a velvety caramel lavender whipped cream. Needless to say, my sweet tooth was quite satisfied after the delicious dish. And then there was the final beer pairing coming from Shorts, Noble Chaos

With three more Farm-To-Table Fridays on the calendar, (two in Everetts and the finale at The Beach House) you can bet that I will certainly be in attendance as often as possible. Perfect for any date-night, family outing, or friendly gathering, these menus showcase the culinary talent of our chefs while leading organic initiatives! Put one or all of them on your schedule, you don't want to miss it! Check out the menus in the links below...↓

Bon appétit!


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