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The First Forty Acres

A taste for every appetite and a beer for every acre. Introducing Forty Acres Tavern at Boyne Mountain Resort. In just a little over two months, we transformed a slopeside eatery into a beautifully renovated tavern with the goal of meeting and exceeding our guests' expectations. The carefully thought out mix of "old" meets "new" is something we think everyone will come to appreciate for years to come. 

It's All In The Name

We recognize that many will be curious how the name, "Forty Acres," was chosen for this new restaurant at our resort. The answer is quite easy - history. This is where some of that "old" comes into play. We could tell you the story about how our founder, Everett Kircher, approached Senator Pearson and asked to buy his land, but we think it is stated best right on the back of our menu. A story we think you will have fun sharing with your riding buddies, family, and coworkers. Here it is, written exactly how Everett's son, Stephen, might tell it.

In 1947, after cutting his teeth on Otsego Ski Club's 250 vertical-foot slope, Everett Kircher was convinced that Michigan was ready for more. That summer, accompanied by two friends and a pile of topographical maps, Everett identified his mark: a 1,150-foot rise with more than 500 feet of skiable vertical. But where Everett saw pure potential, the owner of the property - a Michigan senator and Boyne Falls logger named William Pearson - saw folly. 

Fortunately, Senator Pearson had a sense of humor - and his response is now the stuff of Boyne legend: "Anyone damn-fool enough to want to build a ski hill, well...I'll give you the property." When the details were ironed out, the Senator delivered, and Everett paid $1 for what would become Boyne Mountain's first 40 acres. Michigan skiing would never be the same. 

One dollar. One dollar led to all this - Boyne Resorts. Can you imagine?! A good lesson that you should never underestimate the power of a single dollar.

The Renovation

The story of the renovation process is told best by the images at the top of this page - from new flooring, cement bar, new beer taps, to the furniture. The goal was to preserve the original structure of the historic building, maintain the layout - providing comfort to our already regulars, and then take it up a notch by peppering in some modern touches. A favorite modern touch - USB and power outlets at almost every seat in the tavern. That's right, this is literally a refueling station for your body and that thing that feels like it is always attached to your body - your phone. The only downfall...we may have just taken away your excuse for not coming home earlier because "your phone died while your were out on the slopes." Sorry about that! 

Food, Drinks, and BEER

With a menu that pleases every appetite, you better believe that you'll find your favorites and at the same time, always have something new to try. Do NOT expect your typical pub fare, Forty Acres Tavern has taken the classics and put a foodie twist on them. From amazing cheese combinations in the Grilled Artichoke Dip to watermelon kraut on a corned beef sandwich called The Senator, expect the unexpected. I had the pleasure of diving into a Chicken Sandwich that was bigger than my head! Every panko encrusted, spicy pickle, Sriracha-lemon aioli filled bite was an experience I hope to soon relive.

You love craft beer? Ok! We think you will appreciate our selection of 40 - heavily filled with craft brews from the great state of Michigan! You'll recognize Short's, Bell's,and Founders...but, make sure you try Beards, Petoskey and Cheboygan Brewing for a taste of the north. More than beer - our cocktail list is no joke! We have Bloody Marys, Moscow Mules, and Dirty Martinis, but if you are looking to venture out of the norm - your life isn't complete until you have had an Awesome Coffee or the Hummer. 

We can't wait to see you at Forty Acres Tavern! 

Think snow...xoxo,


Please join us for our Grand Opening Celebration of Forty Acres Tavern during our Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 12 from 5-9pm. Learn the story behind the name and sample the menu - elevated pub fare with a roster of forty beers.  Register to win a Ski & Stay package that includes dinner at Forty Acres Tavern. 

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