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Mountain People: Episode 2

Mountain People: Episode 2

Episode 2 of Mountain People: a series of stories from Boyne Mountain's slopes.
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Machine Groomed for Monday, December 18

Temperature Open Trails Open Lifts Open Terrain
M 28 °F 20 Trails of 60 5 Lifts of 12 55 Acres of 415
Base Depth Snowfall Today's Hours
21 - 42″ 0″ Past 48 Hours 9-4:30
Today at Boyne Mountain  

After a week of cold, cold temps, you can ditch a layer and get out and enjoy what that cold brought us - a 10 day snowmaking streak!

Full Conditions Report
Ski boot relief spa treatment

The Best Feeling in the World, Only Better

There's no better feeling than taking off your ski boots after a long day on the slopes. Or so I thought.

Let's be honest - even the best boots start to feel a little like you stepped in a bear trap after several hours of skiing or riding. Ski or snowboard boots keep your ankles firm and allow you to carve and shred with stability and ease, but at the end of the day, taking them off feels like stepping out of a weighty mud hole and onto a light and fluffy cloud. My whole life, I believed this to be every skier's favorite relief. That was, until I tried the Ski Boot Relief treatment at The Spa at Boyne Mountain.

After being clamped into my boots from 8:45am to 4:30 pm, I headed to The Spa at Boyne Mountain. I snapped out of my boots and felt the familiar floating feeling as I no longer had to utilize so much leg strength to lift my legs with each step.

Upon entering The Spa, I was greeted by Dawn who took me to the salon. She sat me in a cushy throne-like chair that had me feeling like a queen looking over a view of the mountain. Dawn reclined my chair and placed my feet in a glowing basin that was essentially a personal Jacuzzi tub especially for my feet. She then went to a little heater box and pulled out a nice, warm pillow to wrap around my shoulders. After being outside in the cold wind all day, the hot water and warm pillow were a welcome change. I was being spoiled, and I was loving it. The Ski Boot Relief treatment was much like a pedicure - minus the nail painting. Dawn massaged lotion onto my calves and worked out all the tiny kinks in my feet. She did something called reflexology, which was really just gentle pressure on specific points on my feet, but it seemed to release tension in my whole leg.

Needless to say, I didn't walk - I waltzed out of the Spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated enough to take on my après ski or maybe run a marathon or two.

We skiers and snowboarders sometimes take our feet for granted, focusing all our efforts into our legs and body form. We shove them into our hard, stuffy boots and then at the end of the day, stuff them into another pair of boots and march home to rest up for another day on the slopes. But our feet deserve some love, and The Spa at Boyne Mountain is definitely the place to get it. 

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