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Introducing: Mountain People

Introducing: Mountain People

Introducing Mountain People: a series of stories from Boyne Mountain's slopes.
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Tuesday, November 21

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Boyne Mountain under the lights

Introducing: The Under the Lights Pass

Let's be honest - we'd all love to quit our day job, sell the house and live on the skis. Sure, it'd be nice to leave the ordinary routine behind to ski from first chair to last, spending every waking hour on the slopes.

What if, next season, your routine included skiing? We're not suggesting you sell all your possessions, grow some dread locks, and follow the ski bum path to live mountainside in a yurt, although that doesn't sound too shabby. We are suggesting you take your ordinary routine and make it extraordinary.

The Under the Lights Pass lets you erase your dull routine and take life up a few notches.

For example, let's say it's a Wednesday in February - just a plain, old, ordinary Wednesday. You wake up, eat your super bland oatmeal, then head to work. You glare lifelessly at your computer screen for 8 mundane hours in your monotonous cubicle, then finally head back home for a boring dinner and some dull Netflix episodes watched form your stuffy couch.

Pretty lackluster, right? It doesn't have to be.

Here's how your ordinary Wednesday could be extraordinary:

You wake up, eat a delightful breakfast as you scan the weather forecast for that evening - it's going to be beautiful. You drive to work with your beloved skis in your trunk, watching a spectacular sunrise. You work happily as you excitedly count down the hours, then minutes, until quitting time. Then, you skip out of work gleefully to drive the slopes where you glide down the mountain watching a brilliant sunset. You carve turns to your heart's content under your own personal spotlight because you bought the Under the Lights Pass and secured your night skiing all season long for just $149.

Okay, maybe not every day is this great, but one thing's certain: Skiing makes life better. So why not make skiing a regular part of your life? 

Don't settle for ordinary. Grab your Under the Lights Pass and make life extraordinary. 

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