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Boyne Mountain Buzz - January 18, 2018

Boyne Mountain Buzz - January 18, 2018

Big air and big names are coming to Boyne Mountain this Saturday - get the latest in this week's Buzz!
Boyne Mountain Buzz

Machine Groomed for Saturday, January 20

Temperature Open Trails Open Lifts Open Terrain
B 32 °F 59 Trails of 60 12 Lifts of 12 408 Acres of 415
Base Depth Snowfall Today's Hours
58″ 0″ 24 Hours 9am - 9:00pm
Today at Boyne Mountain  
If you haven't heard the news...A HUGE event is coming to Boyne Mountain Resort for the first time in history. Samuel Adams Air & Après is about to rock your world this Saturday with a nighttime showcase that combines the thrill and skill of some of the best skiers and riders, alongside cutting-edge 3D projection mapping. You're not going to want to miss it! Full Conditions Report
Morel mushrooms

Hunting Season

Category: Local Area Resort

Ah, Spring in Northern Michigan. After months of holing up in cozy places, only emerging heavily bundled to get our winter sports fix, we are reminded of what it feels like to be warm. Anything an improvement from blistering cold, 50 degrees feels like Florida and we break out the shorts and t-shirts to bask in sunshine we haven't seen since October.

Reacquainting ourselves with warm weather, we traipse through the woods to see signs of life after they hid under a blanket of snow all winter long - flowers blooming, trillium plants sprouting, and robins singing. In the middle of all this springtime beauty, we might be lucky enough to stumble on something a bit more elusive: the morel mushroom.


Morels are typically hunted to accent delicious dishes such as soup or pasta, two dishes featured at this year's Morel Fest Wine and Dine dinner. The savory satisfaction of the tasty little morsels is definitely enough to satiate a hunter who spent all day on the hunt. But, due to their elusory nature, some hunters search morels simply for the bragging rights.

The hunt for morels is one unlike any other. Though agriculture experts and scientists have tried desperately to grow morels in a controlled environment, their efforts have been largely in vain. Growing these mysterious little fungi is a complicated process with a high failure rate - it's not as simple as slapping spores in a petri dish.

So, we turn to the woods to find the morel motherlode. Maddeningly though, the precious little specimens don't even grow in the same place every year in the wild. One year, a hiker may stumble upon a patch that will overflow his backpack, while the next he returns to find exactly zero.

That's why the hunt is full of trade secrets, unique to each hunter. Some swear by tall trees and trillium plants as telltale cues, others set place their bets on old orchards and open, south/north-facing slopes. Wherever the hunt takes place, a hunter never reveals his secret spot.

The hunt at Boyne Mountain has already begun. Over the years, across the entirety of Boyne Mountain's property, the hunt has been successful for many. Some are found intentionally by eager hunters climbing all over the mountain in their search, while others are found unintentionally by zipline adventurers and disc golfers.

Whatever the case, we're letting you in on our secret spot - they're here, all over property, waiting to be hunted. Who knows, you might just find the motherlode. And if not, we've got great beer!

Happy hunting!

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