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Introducing: Mountain People

Introducing: Mountain People

Introducing Mountain People: a series of stories from Boyne Mountain's slopes.
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Friday, November 17

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Morel mushrooms

Boyne City Morelfest

Category: Local Area Resort

Two weeks ago, we shared with you our secret spot. While true morel hunters will never readily reveal their hunting grounds, we unveiled our happiest searching spot - on the mountain.

Since then, some have had luck finding the elusive fungi, and others have not. With cold rain followed by a cool dry spell, conditions weren't ideal in many cases and tried and true hunters walked away from their spots empty-handed. Still, a few hunters found the motherlode, filling grocery bags with the tiny woodland treasures.

No matter how your hunt turned out, there's a festival this weekend for you. The National Morel Mushroom Festival starts Thursday, May 18 and will continue through Sunday, May 21 in our own backyard - Boyne City. Mushroom lovers from all around come to spend a few days at a festival dedicated to the marvelous morel. Restaurants (including our own) prepare exotic, morel-laden entrees, local songsters sing of the morel, secret recipes are swapped, and all is merry and mushroom-y. Those who found heaps of the delicious little morsels spread the wealth while ill-fated hunters find consolation in the fruits of another's hunt.

Here's a few things that will happen during the festival that you won't want to miss:

On Thursday from 5-9pm, the Craft Beer Block Party will take place on South Lake Street in Boyne City. The Galactic Sherpas, a favorite local band will be playing live as you stroll through a tasting maze of a morel hunter's favorite consolation prize - beer.

On Friday at 4pm, a local morel hunting expert will be giving a Morel Seminar. Anthony Williams once found the motherlode in the forest not far from his Boyne City home where morels grew so thick that he couldn't pick them all. After filling two grocery bags, he improvised by repurposing his clothes into sacks. Listen as he shares his trade secrets and offers his expert advice. Beer and wine will also be available (Notice a trend here?).  

On Saturday from 12-3pm, Taste of Morels will feature 13 area restaurants - including our own Forty Acres Tavern, Everett's, and the Beach House. Chefs will provide morel-infused delicacies with wine pairings and - you guessed it - beer as well.

So whether it's your consolation for an unsuccessful hunt or your reveling in your victory, the National Morel Mushroom Festival is your chance to be among fellow morel-ers passionate for the hunt.  

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