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From luxurious hotels to rustic mountain cabins, Boyne Mountain is just what you would expect to find in the heart of northern Michigan's vacation destination.

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Skitoberfest Recap

Skitoberfest Recap

If last weekend's pre-winter party was any indication of how this season will go, we're in for a good one.
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Thursday, October 19

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Summer sunset

Introducing: The Sunset Series

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. A myriad of vivid colors blending together, each sunset is a unique, yet predictably glorious spectacle.  No matter how many headaches were had, or how much coffee was spilled, the sunset ends the day with a grand finale as if ending the best day ever.

And let's face it, not every day is the best day ever. Mondays, for instance, are scientifically proven (not really, but probably) to have a higher chance of being the worst day ever. Yet, even the worst of Mondays has a fantastic ending when the sun goes down.

That's why we came up with the Sunset Series.

Every Monday, we're celebrating the beauty of the sunset. No matter how your Monday went, at the Sunset Series, you'll be whisked away to a weekend-like state of mind. Take a paddle board out for a spin on beautiful Deer Lake, then claim your seat at the Beach House for the show. Sip something sweet and take $2 off specialty cocktails, or order an appetizer to snack on while the sunset puts on a spectacular performance.

No, we can't promise that Monday won't suck sometimes, but we can promise a beautiful end to the day.

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