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Skitoberfest Recap

Skitoberfest Recap

If last weekend's pre-winter party was any indication of how this season will go, we're in for a good one.
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Thursday, October 19

B 61 °F


October 21 October 20 October 19
H 71°/56° B 70°/54° B 60°/46°
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The Best Seat In The House

It's where small talk turns into real talk, and where ice breakers turn into warm conversations. It's where all the world's problems are solved, and where the toughest decision is which run to do next. It's where friendships are formed and family bonds are fortified.

A chairlift ride at Boyne Mountain is so much more than a way to the top.

Sure, the chairlift is your ride to the good stuff - the powder stashes and the hot laps you've waited all morning to carve. But the chair is also your ride to the good stuff of life.

(Bear with us for a minute here, this could get cheesy. Maybe it's the anticipation of ski season that has us feeling sentimental, but this is important.)

There's an indescribable, but magical quality of a chairlift ride that begs for a story to be shared. And so they are shared.

"We've been coming here for years. Our cabin is right over through those trees..."

"I haven't seen snow like this since that storm of '78..."

"That's where I taught your mom how to ski, and now look at you doing it!"

"Remember that time we played hookie so we got first dibs on the freshies on Meadows..."

There are no strangers on a chairlift - and that's the good stuff. Maybe it's the magic of sitting side-by-side and shivering together up to the top, or maybe it's the shared love of the sport. Whatever the case, it's the best seat in the house.

As we prepare for the season of riding in that seat, we're celebrating the magic of the chairlift with a special giveaway. The best seat in our house is now coming to yours as we send one of our Boyne Mountain season passholders away from Skitoberfest with their very own piece of Boyne Mountain - a chairlift swing. Purchase your Boyne Mountain Season Pass before October 6 and you may just find yourself with a chairlift right in your backyard - so you get the best seat all year 'round.

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