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The Ultimate Pub Crawl

Category: Dining Resort

Ah, the pub crawl.

From long-held Saint Patrick's Day traditions to bachelor parties in the city, the pub crawl is a staple in the sport of beer-drinking. Sometimes a soundly-structured event with strategically planned stops in an organized fashion, other times a dysfunctional parade of increasingly drunken bar-hoppers - either way, a night out with friends by your side and a beer in your hand is a night well-spent.

It's those pesky logistics, though, that can get in the way of the ultimate crawl.

Who's driving home at the end of the night?

Which bar will be our last stop?

Where's Bill?

Pretty soon, half the group wants pizza while the other half wants nachos, the taxi is here, and Amanda can't find her cell phone. It gets messy.

That's why planning ahead wins bar crawls. We're not suggesting you MapQuest a route or get matching t-shirts, but why not plan on staying at one place that has it all? Plan on a place where the beer, the food, and a bed for the night are all within walking distance of each other. Stay on Boyne Mountain Resort's property and you've got access to sixty taps, five bars, and both nachos AND pizza. Pub crawl made easy.

Bar-hop your way around the resort - from Everett's to Forty Acres Tavern to the Trophy Room Pub & Pizzeria to the Snowflake Lounge - and then whenever you're pubbed out, your room in the Mountain Grand Lodge, Edelweiss or the Clock Tower Lodge is just a short crawl away.

Your pub crawl doesn't have to be calculated and thought-out, but it doesn't have to be messy and downright dangerous either. The ultimate pub crawl is right here at Boyne Mountain Resort.

Happy crawling!

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