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Buzz: April16, 2014

Buzz: April16, 2014

Weather forecast, slope conditions, and Easter Weekend - It's what's hoppening.
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Machine Groomed for Wednesday, April 23

Temperature Open Trails Open Lifts Open Terrain
B 31 °F 0 Trails of 60 0 Lifts of 12 0 Acres of 415
Winds Base Depth Snowfall
WNW at 0.0 MPH 12 - 36″ 0″ New Snow
Today at Boyne Mountain  

We're re-opening the slopes this weekend on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27 from 9am to 4:30pm for the final skiing and riding of the 2013/14 season.  Our grooming crew is putting our new winch cat to good use during the next few days moving snow to provide the very best coverage and conditions for this weekend!

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Owner Services

As a Boyne Mountain property owner, it pays to stay in the know. Turn to the information below to stay on top of the latest property owner updates, to check on annual meeting dates and to keep your contact information current - so you'll never miss a single tidbit of important owner information.

Current Notices and Updates

We have fantastic news for all of you, and our guests, who use a wireless internet connection when at Boyne Mountain.  Installation of a new resort-wide wi-fi system which you can access from your condo or anywhere else on the resort property has been completed!  Similar upgrades have been made at Boyne Highlands Resort.  Not only will you experience a substantially better signal than what you could get from the previous system, you also benefit from:

An increase in data capacity-up to five times what was possible with the previous system.

Live monitoring of each part of the system, automatically alerting tech support when any area is malfunctioning, combined with a self-healing concept where a single unit going down will be compensated for by the other units in proximity with no break in available service.

To access this new resort wi-fi, please follow these instructions:

  • When viewing connection options, select the wireless network with the name of the development/neighborhood or common area you're currently located within, ex. "Mountain Villas Wireless Network"
  • For future use, your device should offer the selected/accessed network when it is in range and if not, it should appear in your list of wireless connection options
  • Once connected, the main Boyne Mountain webpage loads and you're are able to view information about the resort, updates in the Owner Services section of that page, etc. and from there, open your preferred browser

Annual Association Meeting Dates:

  • Mountain Cabins - Saturday, May 10 at 9am in Graz
  • The Village at Disciples Ridge - Saturday, May 17 at 9am in Vienna A
  • Creekside - Saturday, June 14th at 9am in Graz
  • Ramshead - Saturday, June 21 at 10am in Graz
  • The Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa - October 4 at 9am in Vienna A
  • Deer Lake Villas - Sunday, October 5 at 9am in Vienna B
  • Hemlock - Saturday, May 31st at 9am in Vienna B
  • Mountain Club - Saturday July 12, 2014 at 10am in Graz

Reminder to you and your visitors:

Please be courteous of your neighbors when you have multiple vehicles visiting your unit. Each unit is allocated two parking spaces directly in front of the unit and all other vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking lot. In addition, all trailers, RVs, and other non-passenger vehicles need to be parked in the overflow parking. If you are allowing others to use your unit, please inform them of this procedure.

Mountain Express Deli & Provisions is open daily, including evenings, serving fresh deli sandwiches and many other treats. The store also offers a variety of convenience and grocery items, beer, wine, and liquor. Mountain Express Deli & Provisions is located on the northwest corner of the Civic Center and can be reached at extension 6829.

Boyne Mountain Resort's drinking water is to be tested every six years for radium. Our contractor responsible for testing missed the deadline. The test has been performed and the results were fine. Water Quality Announcement

Owner Incentives

The following is a review of the incentive programs for owners at BOYNE which allows owners to increase bookings to rental units and offers a way to promote the partnership with BOYNE. BOYNE offers four different incentive programs which can not be combined. This allows owners to pick a program that fits the discount level they wish to give to family, friends or business acquaintances.   

BoyneRewards Incentive

Owners referring bookings to any BOYNE Michigan rental management unit(s) receives two BoyneRewards points for each $1 value of the booked unit(s) room rate, prior to taxes, upon fulfillment of the lodging stay. Have the guest contact Boyne Central Reservations (800.GO.BOYNE) and have them tell the reservationists at the time they reserve that they have been referred to us by you, Mr./Mrs.  John Q. Owner.

As an additional incentive, the individuals booking the units will receive a 5% discount on the room rate. Please be sure they give us the owner referral name at the time they make their reservation in order to receive their discount. The 5% discount does not apply to group bookings; however, you do still earn the BoyneRewards points on group bookings.

Owners, if they have not already, do need to sign up for a BoyneRewards account via  Internally, all owners are being assigned a tracking number and the BoyneRewards points will be credited to your BoyneRewards account on a biweekly basis once the guests have completed their stay.

20% Friends and Family

Guests must request this incentive by name at the time of reservation request.  The guest will receive a 20% discount on lodging only.  Guests must have a certificate to present at the front desk at check in. Property owners should request the certificate from the Owner Services office.

Owner Participation Program (OPP)

This program allows owners the ability to partner with BOYNE's Central Reservation Office to help generate additional bookings for your unit.  In return for your individual work and efforts, we will reduce the management fee that you pay if the guest you bring to the Resort and your unit is a new guest to BOYNE or a repeat guest to your unit from within this program.  Contact your Owner Service representative for more information.

Friends and Family Certificates

Owners who participate in BOYNE Rental Management will receive certificates seasonally for $20 BOYNE Lift Tickets, $20 Avalanche Bay admissions and $25 Golf Rounds based on the size of the units. 

Policies and Procedures

Future Reservations

Please remember that units fill up quickly with holiday and winter weekend reservations.  Keep in mind that we can book your unit up to five years in advance, so let us know if you would like to set up a stay schedule for the busy weeks of the year to ensure availability of your unit.  All of your reservations can be made through Owner Services, so please call us at your earliest convenience.  Reminder to all Mountain Cabin and Creekside quarter-share unit owners: All of your weeks for 2014 are currently booked for your personal use.  Please contact Owner Services if you're interested in releasing any of your weeks back into rental.  


Please remember to check in at the Boyne Mountain Front Desk inside the Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa upon arrival at the resort.  Checking in allows all departments to view the status of your unit and keeps everyone in correct communication regarding you and your guests. If you notice that your unit looks unoccupied while in the area or staying in your owner's unit, please call Owner Services before entering the unit for any reason.  If you are interested in renting it for personal use, we can also make last minute reservations for you if there are no arrivals expected.  


Please be courteous of your neighbors when you have multiple vehicles visiting your unit.  Each unit is allocated two parking spaces directly in front of the unit and all other vehicles must be parked in the overflow parking lot.  In addition, all trailers, boats, RVs, and other non-passenger vehicles need to be parked in overflow parking.  Long-term parking is available along the trees in the parking lot west of the tennis courts.  If you are allowing others to use your unit, please inform them of this policy.  

Association Dues

Dues are billed quarterly by your association, and are to be paid directly to your association.   All monies are kept in the association accounts and are used to pay the association expenses.  Dues do not include furniture reserves or housekeeping fees.  When sending in the payment, please note your unit number and association to which you belong.  Dues are reviewed yearly and adjusted accordingly by your association's board of directors.  Association billing is generated from the Boyne Resorts accounting office.  Inquiries can be directed to Debbie Provost by calling 231.439.4768.  

Unit Reserve

The Boyne Mountain accounting department has secured a way, for your convenience, to include details of each charge submitted towards your unit reserve.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Owner Services for additional information.  We're hopeful this added detail will eliminate many questions and help you track your unit's expenses.

Country Club of Boyne

For all inquiries, please contact Kathy Boyer, Director of Membership, at 231.526.3035 or

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