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Machine Groomed for Wednesday, April 16

Temperature Open Trails Open Lifts Open Terrain
B 20 °F 28 Trails of 60 2 Lifts of 12 200 Acres of 415
Winds Base Depth Snowfall
WNW at 0.0 MPH 25 - 55″ 0″ 24hr New Snow
Today at Boyne Mountain  

Mother Nature decided it wasn't completely spring yet. Monday night we received 1-2" of snow and the combination of cold nights and warm days means awesome spring skiing conditions this week!

Full Conditions Report

Conditions & Weather

Machine Groomed for Wednesday, April 16

Temperature OpenTrails Open Lifts Open Terrain Base Depth
B20 °F 28 Trails of 60 2 Lifts of 12 200 Acres of 415 25″ - 55″
Winds Snowfall Snowmaking Today's Hours
WNW at 0.0 MPH 0″ 24hr New Snow Not Currently 9am-4:30pm
Hemlock - Interactive Trail Map
◂ View Cross Country Conditions
  • Closed Closed
  • Open Day Only Open Day
  • Open Night Only Open Night
  • Open Day + Night Open Day + Night
  • Groomed (G)
  • Snowmaking (S)

Open Lifts

  • Mountain Express Open Day
  • Meadows Open Day
  • Ramshead Closed
  • Superbowl Closed
  • Victor Closed
  • Boyneland Closed
  • Disciples Closed
  • Disciples II Closed
  • Alpine Closed
  • Hemlock Closed
  • Magic Carpet Closed
  • Tube Park Closed

Open Trails


  • Audie's Alley Closed
  • Boynehof Pass Open Day
  • Boyneland Open Day (G)
  • Campbell's Alley Closed
  • Chmielew-ski Closed
  • Cold Springs Open Day (G)
  • Deer Run Open Day (G)
  • Doc's Canal Closed
  • Donna's Delight Closed
  • Easy Access Closed
  • Easy Does-it Open Day (G)
  • Easy Street Open Day (G)
  • Escape Closed
  • Grice's Way Closed
  • Hemingway Closed
  • Hilda's Hideaway Closed
  • In The Woods Closed
  • Johnny Mac Closed
  • Kunkle's Cut Closed
  • Miller's Time Closed
  • Mrs. K's Closed
  • Pat's Knob Closed
  • Pritchard's Pass Closed
  • Ramshead Open Day (G)
  • Ron's Run Closed
  • See-No-Land Closed
  • Skop-Ski Closed
  • Te-Bowl Closed
  • To Disciples Ridge Closed
  • Top Notch Open Day (G)
  • Wesley O. Closed
  • William J. Closed

More Difficult

  • Aurora Open Day (G)
  • Bob Sled Open Day (G)
  • Express Open Day (G)
  • Glades Open Day (G)
  • Mr. Moll Closed
  • North Boyne Open Day (G)
  • Pierson Open Day (G)
  • Short Cut Closed
  • Stein's Mambo Open Day (G)
  • The Bowl Open Day (G)
  • Thunder Open Day (G)
  • Victor Open Day (G)
  • Zipline Open Day (G)
  • Zippie's Closed


  • Center McLouth Open Day (G)
  • Dave's Glade Closed
  • DI's Drop Closed
  • FIS Closed
  • Hemlock Open Day (G)
  • Hemlock Glade Open Day
  • Idiot's Delight Open Day (G)
  • North McLouth Open Day (G)
  • Shepard's Glade Open Day
  • South McLouth Open Day (G)
  • Superbowl Closed
  • The Meadows Open Day (G)


  • Devil's Dive Closed
  • Nose Dive Closed

Terrain Parks

  • Chmielew-ski Park Closed
  • Fritz's Park Open Day (G)
  • Funland Open Day
  • Halfpipe Closed
  • Meadow's Park Closed
  • Ramshead Park Open Day (G)
  • Riglet Park Closed
  • Skier/Boardercross Closed
  • Transfer Station Park Open Day


  • Top Notch Tubing Park Closed

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