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Fitness and Wellness Center

The Perfect Fit.

For a more active introduction to your spa experience, our state-of-the-art fitness facilities and skilled trainers will raise your heart rate - and get your endorphins flowing. Whether you're looking for a long-term regimen or a quick workout, you'll find the equipment, guidance, and facilities you need to exceed your expectations. 


Allow our professional fitness staff to tailor a program to your specific needs. Private personal fitness, yoga, and pilates apparatus training are available with advance reservations. Group fitness classes are offered daily and along with access to state-of-the-art facilities, are included with Day Spa Pass. 

Day Spa Pass • $35 

Day Spa Pass includes access to relaxation lounges, locker, robe and sandals, whirlpool, steam room and cedar sauna, spa pool courtyard, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, and group exercise classes. Day Spa Pass availability may be restricted at peak times. 

Membership-With All the Benefits.

If one visit to The Spa at Boyne Mountain is a treat, membership is cause for celebration. Available for three-month, nine-month, and annual terms, our membership provides a variety of benefits.

  • Unlimited access to our fitness facility featuring all new and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Daily group fitness classes including yoga, conditioning, aqua aerobics, cardio, and more
  • Separate women's and men's relaxation lounges and locker rooms
  • Plush robe and spa sandals
  • Complimentary guest passes*
  • Access to Mountain Grand Lodge and Spa heated indoor/outdoor pool
  • Family access to outdoor tennis courts
  • Discounts on spa services and private fitness training
  • Resort charging privileges
  • Annual private locker purchase options (annual members only)

* Limited

For more information regarding Spa Membership, please call Gretchen Bush at 231.549.7103 or email

All fitness classes are held at The Spa

  • Complimentary to any spa guest with appointments on the same day
  • Complimentary to any spa guest without appointments who purchase day spa admission
  • $12 drop-in fee for resort guest
  • Complimentary to The Spa at Boyne Mountain members
  • Fitness Schedule printer-friendly version



8:30 amMAD - Dance Fitness - Chris - 75 minutes (no class 9/11)
10:00 amYoga for a Healthy Spine - Deb - 75 minutes


7:00 amSculpt & Burn - Gretchen - 50 minutes
8:30 amAqua Aerobics - Paula - 50 minutes
8:30 amTABATA - Sara - 60 minutes
10:00 amTraditional Yoga - Sally 75 minutes
10:00 amNature Hike - Miranda - 75 minutes
5:30 pmPiyo - Sara - 50 minutes (no class 9/5)


8:30 amMAD - Dance Fitness - Chris - 75 minutes (Judith sub 9/13)
8:30 amAqua Aerobics - Elaine - 50 minutes (Paula sub 9/13)
10:00 amTraditional Yoga - Elaine - 75 minutes (Sally sub 9/13)


7:00 amSculpt & Burn - Gretchen - 50 minutes
8:30 amAqua Aerobics - Paula - 50 minutes 
8:30 amTurbo/Piyo Combo - Sara - 75 minutes 
10:00 amTraditional Yoga - Elaine - 75 minutes (Sally sub 9/14)
11:00 amYoga in Nature - Miranda - 75 minutes
5:30 pmTabata - Sara - 50 minutes


8:30 amMAD - Dance Fitness - Chris - 75 minutes (Judith sub 9/15)
10:00 amBeginner Vinyasa - Judith - 75 minutes
10:00 amNature Hike - Miranda - 75 minutes (no class 9/8)


9:00 amVinyasa Yoga - Judith - 50 minutes (Deb sub 9/9)
10:00 amGentle Yoga - Deb - 75 minutes 


10:00 amFoam Rolling and Stretch - Deb - 75 minutes
11:30 amTherapeutic and Restorative Yoga - Deb - 75 minutes
Traditional Yoga

Traditional classic yoga focusing on slow meditative postures increasing strength, flexibility, and awareness of the breath.  All levels are welcome.

Detox Yoga

Detox yoga consists of a series of poses that twist and cleanse the internal organs, improving digestive function while reducing muscle tension and stress. Set to relaxing music in a hot room, this yoga class will feel like a much deserved vacation for your body, mind, and spirit. Come wring out stored toxins and tension while enjoying all the benefits of deep, rhythmic breathing, and yogic twisting!


Yin Yoga

A slow-paced style of yoga with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time.  


Meditative Yoga

A class for those who want to slow down and deepen their yoga practice; becoming more present in each posture.  We will take our time to sink, settle, and land in each posture.

Therapeutic Yoga

This class offers you a way to become stronger and more flexible while you tone your muscles and improve your balance.  We use the science of "Mind and Body" to effectively help relieve chronic pain and stress.  This yoga class is for ALL levels of yoga experience.  We can modify the pose to a person's individual need or limitations. 

Nature Hike

Enjoy all of Boyne Mountain's "Up North" beauty by joining a Nature Hike.  The group will navigate the many wooded trails, taking in the astounding views of the Boyne Valley and beautiful canopies above.  Dress for the elements, we will hike rain or shine.


Aqua Aerobics

Increase aerobic fitness levels, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility while enjoying the beautiful outdoors in our heated pool.

Step Aerobics

Enjoy this high energy class that uses traditional step choreography to maximize calorie burn.


Kickboxing class has evolved blending martial arts, trendy music, and fun choreography. The workout is energizing, yet low-impact, and will soon have you addicted!

MAD~Dance Fitness

A fusion of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps to the tune of pop music.


Mixed cardio and strength training designed to provide a full body workout.

Kickin' Cardio

Cardio kickboxing and body-sculpting dance moves choreographed to the hottest music mixes.  Get lean and toned in this high intensity, fast-paced, and totally addicting class!


Sculpt & Burn

Start your day off right...this high energy class incorporates cardiovascular work and strength training to tone, tighten, and whittle your middle.  



Myofascial Release & Stretch

Learn self-myofascial release techniques through the use of a foam roller and tennis ball.   Using a foam roller as part of your training program improves your flexibility, function, performance, and reduces injuries. It is similar to giving yourself a massage using your own body weight to roll around on the foam roller.



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