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Buzz: April 23, 2014

Buzz: April 23, 2014

We are re-opening the slopes for the weekend! Bring a swimsuit, you might need it!
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Machine Groomed for Wednesday, April 23

Temperature Open Trails Open Lifts Open Terrain
N 53 °F 0 Trails of 60 0 Lifts of 12 0 Acres of 415
Winds Base Depth Snowfall
WNW at 4.9 MPH 12 - 36″ 0″ New Snow
Today at Boyne Mountain  

We're re-opening the slopes this weekend on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27 from 9am to 4:30pm for the final skiing and riding of the 2013/14 season.  Our grooming crew is putting our new winch cat to good use during the next few days moving snow to provide the very best coverage and conditions for this weekend!

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Spa Treatments & Services

Whether you are taking a mini-vacataion from your home that's only a short drive away or if you plan on spending a week at the resort, one thing is for sure - You deserve a day to indulge at Solace Spa. Choose from Solace Spa's full line of treaments; we promise, you won't have a single regret.  Enjoy full body massages for him and for her.  Exfoliating scrubs and wraps to rejuvenate the skin, or facials to bring back the glow to your skin and face. Each treatment provided at Solace Spa is performed by trained professionals, a staff that is not only knowledgeable in their crafts, but also provide a level of care that is above and beyond your expectations.

European Spa Bathing Ritual

Prepare your body and mind for total relaxation in traditional European style. We recommend our self-guided circuit of dry and wet amenities to stimulate your body, using cycles of heating and cooling experiences prior to your treatment.

  • Begin by relaxing in our warm and soothing whirlpool, followed by a stimulating cool shower.
  • Next, refresh with an aromatherapy spritzer, cedar sauna, then stimulating cool shower.
  • Complete the relaxation circuit by enjoying a purifying steam with moist cool towel, followed by a stimulating cool shower.

Seasonal Treatments

Green Goddess Body Treatment | $155
Begin your treatment with an invigorating exfoliation to wake up your skin from the deep freeze of winter. First, we prep your skin with a refreshingly light-scented Citrus Grass Soothing Scrub, and then your body is smothered in a Prickly Pear Cactus Toning Wrap to firm and revitalize your skin. While you are wrapped in a warming cocoon, your therapist will calm your mind with a relaxing scalp massage. Your total body experience is finalized with an application of Agave Nectar Oil, rich with anti-aging extracts to hydrate and plump your skin, leaving you smooth and silky.

Green Goddess Manicure or Pedicure | Mani $65, Pedi $75
This treat for your hands and feet features our Green Goddess Treatment products with the addition of a Cilantro-Lime Sparkling Soak! Manicure and pedicure treatments include nail and cuticle maintenance, as well as polish.

Green Goddess Package I $255
Enjoy all three treatments! 


  • Regular pricing is Friday - Sunday
  • Midweek, discounted pricing is available Monday - Thursday from September - May, excluding the December 16 - January 5
  • A 15% spa gratuity and 5% service fee will be added to all treatments and services.

Please call 231.549.7946 for more information or to make a reservation.


Traditions (Swedish)

The benefits of healing the body, mind, and spirit through touch are a tradition within nearly every culture. Soothing, therapeutic massage melts away stress and tension, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. This massage consists of light to medium pressure.

  • Regular: $120, 50 min / $155, 80 min
  • Midweek: $105, 50 min / $140, 80 min
Deep Tissue

This therapeutic treatment involves deep, slow strokes, and pressure points to access the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Benefits of deep tissue massage include relief of chronic pain and muscle tension.

  • Regular: $145, 50 min / $190, 80 min
  • Midweek: $130, 50 min / $175, 80 min
Sports Massage

Involving a combination of traditional Swedish massage, stretching and enhanced range of motion, this massage is most beneficial just before or after golfing and skiing.

  • Regular: $130, 50 min / $165, 80 min
  • Midweek: $115, 50 min / $150, 80 min
Twice as Nice

Have your partner by your side as two of our therapists perform calm, relaxing massages in the tranquility of our couples room.

  • Regular: $240, 50 min / $310, 80 min
  • Midweek: $210, 50 min / $280, 80 min
Zen Trilogy

Restore balance to your soul with our Asian inspired Bamboo Massage.  A trio of techniques will ground your senses.  Utilizing Swedish, Shiatsu, and Reflexology, your therapist kneads your stress and tension away and helps you to achieve total Zen.  This signature treatment takes you to another state of relaxation as your therapist performs a scalp ritual to complete your Zen Trilogy.

  • Regular: $165, 80 min
  • Midweek: $150, 80 min
Petoskey Hot Stone Massage

A collection of basalt and fossil stones found only in northern Michigan, are heated to comfortably penetrate tight and sore muscles. The combination of aromatherapy oils and warm stones melts away your tension and stress leaving your body in a state of deep relaxation.

  • Regular: $190, 80 min
  • Midweek: $175, 80 min
Kneading Mom

Prenatal massage is extremely effective in easing the stress on your body during pregnancy. Relaxing your body helps to create a nurturing environment for your growing baby.

  • Regular: $130, 50 min
  • Midweek: $115, 50 min
Reflexology Massage

Stimulating the reflex areas of your feet and hands sends a wave of relaxation throughout your body and restores energy and balance.

  • Regular: $85, 25 min
  • Midweek: $70, 25 min
Neck and Shoulder

A concentrated massage for your neck and shoulders that relieves stress.

  • Regular: $75, 25 min
  • Midweek: $60, 25 min
Back and Leg

This therapeutic service focuses on providing treatment to your back and legs.

  • Regular: $75, 25 min
  • Midweek: $60, 25 min

Body Treatments

Lavender Fields

Signature Treatment: Enjoy a gentle exfoliating salt scrub infused with lavender essential oil followed by an exotic lavender wrap that nourishes and soothes your skin. Your journey continues with a lavender lotion massage to induce a state of deep relaxation. Your experience concludes with a scalp ritual that nourishes and conditions your hair. This decadent treatment leaves your skin radiant and soft and your mind in a state of nirvana.

  • Regular: $285, 145 min
  • Midweek: $240, 145 min
Hot Toddy for the Body

Warm yourself from the outside in with this delicious treat for your skin (and senses). Your journey starts with a gentle cinnamon and vanilla exfoliation to soothe sore and tired muscles.  A chai soy mud mask that promotes circulation and reduces inflammation envelops your skin as you receive a soothing scalp massage.  Our vanilla bean lotion application softens your skin and leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • Regular: $155, 80 min
  • Midweek: $140, 80 min
Green Tea Coffee Wrap

A full body experience that not only energizes but also tightens and tones.  Our green tea coffee wrap slims and firms as you enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.  A finishing massage application of body cream leaves you hydrated and recharged.

  • Regular: $155, 80 min
  • Midweek: $140, 80 min
Tropical Mist

Pamper yourself with our deeply moisturizing Brazilian Rainforest Propolis wrap and a soothing scalp massage.  Complete your treatment with a warm coconut milk body drench.  

  • Regular: $120, 80 min
  • Midweek: $105, 80 min
Water Lily Wrap

This soothing body treatment is great for regenerating stressed skin following a day in the sun or on the slopes. After showering off the fresh scented Silky Skin body exfoliant, you are wrapped in the sweet aroma of white lily combined with healing powers of aloe and green tea extracts. This treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

  • Regular: $120, 50 min
  • Midweek: $105, 50 min

Indulge in this invigorating exfoliation on its own or combine with any massage treatment. Our moisturizing body scrub leaves your skin not only smooth but hydrated. Your choice of aromatherapy includes:  Papaya Pineapple, Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar, or Old World Scrub.  

  • Regular: $75, 25 min
  • Midweek: $60, 25 min
Scalp Ritual

The perfect addition to any treatment!  This luxurious service starts with your own customized scent blended with a warm oil that nourishes and conditions your hair.  As the warm oil is slowly poured on your hair a relaxing head, neck, and scalp massage completes this ritual.  We recommend enjoying our steam or sauna to continue this state of bliss. 

  • Regular: $75, 25 min
  • Midweek: $60, 25 min


Pevonia Caviar

The most advanced defense against aging. This opulent anti-aging treatment lavishes your skin with pure Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract, and Escutox to deeply repair and replenish, improve elasticity, and dramatically smooth and reduce wrinkles. Includes a relaxing hand and foot massage.

  • Regular: $165, 80 min
  • Midweek: $150, 80 min
Pevonia Eternal Spring

Our remarkable Pevonia facial treatment is designed to reduce fine lines and restore a youthful appearance. Through the application of highly concentrated vitamin C and a peelable mask, you can see results instantly. Great for special occasions. Includes a relaxing hand or foot massage.

  • Regular: $130, 50 min
  • Midweek: $115, 50 min
Pevonia Grand European

By crafting the product mix to your specific needs, this Pevonia facial is great for all skin types. While the mask is setting, enjoy your choice of a hand or foot massage.

*Wonderful first time facial for teenagers!

  • Regular: $120, 50 min
  • Midweek: $105, 50 min
Pevonia Gentlemen's Hot Towel Facial

Using Pevonia skin care products, this complete facial helps prevent razor burn and skin sensitivity. Includes a firming and toning facial massage and anti-stress hand or foot massage.

  • Regular: $120, 50 min
  • Midweek: $105, 50 min
Pevonia Enhancements
Pevonia Lumafirm
  • Regular: $35
  • Midweek: $25
Pevonia Fine Line Eye Benefit
  • Regular: $20
  • Midweek: $15
Pevonia Puffiness Eye Benefit
  • Regular: $20
  • Midweek: $15
Pevonia Lip Benefit
  • Regular: $20
  • Midweek: $15
Epicuren Awakening

Awaken your skin and bring back youth. This signature facial utilizes vitamins, complex proteins, and metadermal enzymes that enhance your skin's appearance. After cleansing and a gentle exfoliation, a series of tightening masks are applied. These unique masks target the areas of your skin that need firming and toning while you receive a relaxing hand and foot massage.

  • Regular: $165, 80 min
  • Midweek: $150, 80 min
Epicuren Customized Facial

This classic facial allows our professional estheticians to customize specific Epicuren products to design a precise skincare treatment to meet your individual needs. Includes a hand or foot massage.

  • Regular: $130, 50 min
  • Midweek: $115, 50 min
Epicuren Quick Pick-Me-Up

An ideal facial for those on the go! Cleansing, exfoliation, and a mask.

  • Regular: $75, 25 min
  • Midweek: $60, 25 min
Epicuren Enhancements

Epicuren Rejuvenating Eye Treatment

  • Regular: $20
  • Midweek: $15

Day Spa Journeys

Day of Solace
25 minute Exfoliation
50 minute Traditions Massage
25 minute Scalp Ritual
50 minute Epicuren Customized Facial
50 minute Traditions Pedicure
Plush Keepsake Spa Robe
  • Regular: $455
  • Midweek: $415
Romantic Journey
80 minute Twice as Nice Massage (Two People)
50 minute Grand European Facial for Her
50 minute Gentlemen's Hot Towel Facial
Split of Sparkling Wine
  • Regular: $475
  • Midweek: $430
Northern Escape
50 minute Traditions Massage
50 minute Water Lily Wrap
50 minute Grand European Facial 
  • Regular: $315
  • Midweek: $275
80 minute Traditions Massage 50 minute Gentlemen's Hot Towel Facial
  • Regular: $250
  • Midweek: $225
Grand Retreat
50 minute Grand European Facial or 50 minute Traditions Massage
50 minute Traditions Manicure
50 minute Traditions Pedicure
  • Regular: $230
  • Midweek: $215
50 minute Kneading Mom Massage   
50 minute Grand European Facial                                         
50 minute Traditions Pedicure 
Solace Spa Keepsake Teddy Bear  
  • Regular: $305
  • Midweek: $275
50 minute Traditions Massage                          50 minute Grand European Facial    
  • Regular: $225
  • Midweek: $195
Discovery (your choice of three)
25 minute Exfoliation   
25 minute Reflexology                                          
25 minute Scalp Ritual
25 minute Neck and Shoulder Massage
25 minute Back and Leg Massage 
25 minute Quick Pick-Me-Up Facial
  • Regular: $185
  • Midweek: $155

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